Who are we?

The objectives of the Chapter are, especially in South Africa, to:

  • Promote understanding and awareness of system dynamics as a problem solving approach to many of the Africa-based problems;
  • Identify, develop, extend and disseminate knowledge contributing to the understanding of feedback systems in South Africa and the rest of Africa;
  • Promote the development of the field of System Dynamics and the free interchange of learning, research and scholarship in all related fields in South Africa and the rest of Africa;
  • Encourage and develop educational programmes in the feedback behaviour of systems in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

    To accomplish these objectives the Chapter proposes to conduct chapter meetings, workshops and conferences, and to publish books and other scholarly materials.

Call for extended abstracts - 4th Annual System Dynamics Conference, 17-18 November 2016, Stellenbosch

The 4th Annual System Dynamics Conference in South Africa invites extended abstracts that entail a diversity of domains, disciplines and stakeholders.



  • Education
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Health
  • Crime and security
  • Urbanization and sustainable cities
  • Governing transitions



2 April 2016: Opening the call for submission of extended abstracts

Award: Best Student Paper

The Best Student Paper at the 3rd ESKOM / SASD Chapter Conference was awarded to six students from Stellenbosch University, namely: Jacobus Smit van Niekerk, Willem Jonker, Aliza Pienaar, Theodore York, Juan Oosthuizen, Lize Duminy. They co-authored the paper with Prof Alan Brent, Dr Josephine Musango and Imke de Kock.

The paper was titled:  "A System Dynamics Approach to Understand the Implications of a Green Economy Transition in the Western Cape Province of South Africa", and was presented by Willem Jonker and Theodore York.


Award: Best Contribution to the South African System Dynamics Community

Mr Danie Booyens was the winner for the Best Contribution to the SASD community at 3rd Eskom / SASD Chapter Annual System Dynamics Conference. He presented a paper titled: "System Dynamics Simulation using Non-Traditional Platforms".


SASD Chapter announces Policy Council Officials for 2016

The President of the South Africa Chapter, Prof Alan Brent, announced the elected Policy Council Officials for 2016. This took place during the 3rd ESKOM / SASD chapter Conference which took place on 16 November 2015 in Johannesburg. The elected members that will serve during 2016 are the following:

President: Prof Alan Brent - president@systemdynamics@org.za

Vice-President: Nalini Pillay - vicepresident@systemdynamics@org.za


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